Welcome to Kids College Queensland

At Kids College Queensland we believe it is important to nurture and nourish all gifts and talents and provide students with learning experiences in a setting that exudes educational excellence both in Universities and global, on-line learning.
Kids College Queensland offers best practice that is founded in research in providing for the needs and characteristics of gifted and talented learners, a global learning hub and unique programs that are exclusive to Kids College Queensland.
Kids College Queensland also provides a range of Professional Development opportunities for educators that include Gifted and Talented Education, Differentiation, Philosophy, Thinking Skills, Growth Mindsets, S.T.E.A.M Projects, Robotics and Coding. We also deliver a range of online learning and support to parents.

What can Kids College Queensland provide for you?

Kids College Queensland prides itself on its ability to provide a number of unique event and educational services for families, students, educators and schools.



Are you a family that seeks to nourish and nurture the unique gifts, talents, interests and passions of your children with engaging, fun and challenging learning experiences? Are you a parent that seeks to learn more about helping your child develop their unique potentials?


Are you a student who is curious, enjoys opportunities that immerse you in creative and critical thinking and problem solving? Do you enjoy exploring and delving deep into complex and exciting issues? Do you enjoy making new friends and working with like-minded peers? Do you crave a mentor who can guide you in your learning journey?


Are you an educator who is looking for more creative and stimulating ways to nourish and nurture the gifts and talents of your students? Would you like to learn how to delve deeper into providing powerful, learning opportunities through creative and critical thinking, problem solving, growth mindsets and S.T.E.A.M education?


Are you a school that would like to further develop and enrich your staff and students in the areas of Gifted and Talented Education in the 21st Century, Differentiation, Philosophy in the classroom, Robotics and coding? Have you a need for support and assistance through curriculum programs with a focus in these areas?