About Kids College Queensland

Kids College Queensland delivers programs that have been developed for educators, parents and the problem-solving, creative, intellectual child.

Directors – Jillian and Jason Green

Kids College Queensland was created by Jillian and Jason Green in 2010 to provide opportunities for students to explore their gifts, talents and areas of special interest.

Jillian and Jason have been involved in teaching, developing and leading exciting programs for Gifted and Talented students for many years. They are both experienced teachers, who have a passion in developing and engaging students in the highest quality educational experiences, designed to maximise potential, create thinkers, nurture dreamers and kindle fires so students can reach for the stars through inspiration, discovery, excitement and challenge.

Jillian holds a Master of Education specialising in Gifted and Talented education. Her other speciality areas also include Philosophy in the classroom and Visible Thinking, Creating Cultures of Thinking. Jason holds a Bachelor of Health Science, a Diploma of Digital Media and Diploma of Industrial Design and Technology. Both are qualified teachers of Robotics and teach a variety of primary and secondary aged students in the fields of Robotics and Coding.

Jillian and Jason have run numerous Professional Development workshops that have ranged from Gifted and Talented Education, Differentiation, Future Problem Solving, Philosophy in the Classroom, S.T.E.A.M Projects and Visible Thinking. They have teamed up with renowned international educators such as Mark Church from Harvard University’s Project Zero to bring Visible Thinking opportunities to educators in Australia. They are also passionate about equipping educators with the right information and tools to ensure they create the best educational trajectories for their students.

Our greatest ambition is to instil an unquenchable thirst for learning in as many children as possible, where students are encouraged to strive to achieve dreams and reach for the stars.  - Kids College QLD