About Us

Kids College Queensland presents Explorama. The Explorama program has been developed for the problem-solving, creative, intellectual child. Typically, students who attend Explorama have been identified gifted and talented, participate in the acceleration and enrichment programs at their school, have strong learning abilities and strengths in particular curriculum areas. Our workshops are FUN and EXCITING. The aim is to provide students with the opportunity to work with other like-minded children and immerse themselves in a full-day of critical thinking, problem solving and creation. We are committed to delivering the highest quality workshops, while providing students with the opportunity to explore their potential and reach for the stars.

Jillian and Jason Green have been involved in teaching, developing and leading exciting programs for Gifted and Talented students for many years.

They are both experienced teachers, who have a passion in developing and engaging students in the highest quality educational experiences, designed to maximize potential, create thinkers, nurture dreamers and kindle fires so students can reach for the stars through inspiration, discovery, excitement and challenge.

The Kids College team of course leaders are all fully qualified teachers and/or experts in their fields who all have a passion for Gifted and Talented Education and inspiring students to reach their potential.

Our greatest ambition is to instill an unquenchable thirst for learning in as many children as possible, where students are encouraged to strive to achieve dreams and reach for the stars.


It was very well organised and the teacher was great. Could you please email me in the future if there are any more Explorama programs as … would love to attend again. Congratulations on your great program.

ParentExplorama Event